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With years of implementation experience and millions of eSeal® Passive-IoTs in action, engaging with eSeal® is very simple and predictable.



Assessment involves studying the challenges involved in the supply chain stages and drawing out a cost benefit analysis of eSeal® Platform.

eSeal® Cost Benefit Analysis report includes
(a) Quantified benefits of eSeal® Supply Chain Controls,
(b) Total cost of ownership of eSeal® Platform and
(c) Implementation Plan.

  • Supplier Inventory Control
  • Production Quality Control
  • Warehouse Operations Control
  • Channel Sales Control
  • Field Sales Control
  • Customer Information Control and
  • Service & Repair Control


Implementation involves study of supply chain areas and components that are chosen for eSeal® Platform. The tasks include:

  • Determining the IoT embedding approach
  • Implementing the AIDC infra including automation
  • Installing apps on mobile devices
  • Configuring Portal for administration, reports & dashboards
  • Integration with ERP using APIs
  • Integrated Testing
  • Go Live Support


eSeal® partners with a number of system integrators, AIDC manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors to extend their offerings with Supply Chain Control solution.

  • Support Desk as per eSeal Standard SLA
  • Regular health checks
  • New feature roll outs
  • New enhancements / change management
  • AMC for AIDC Infra
  • User Manual Updates

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