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    Utilize the entire platform. Just pay for what you use.

eSeal® follows a simple pricing approach that is a combination of
pay-per-use and subscription fee.

  • eSeal® Passive-IoTs
  • Pay per use
  • Passive IoTs are consumables that are purchased in advance as per the planned requirement. Each Passive IoT comes with an unique address and cloud storage that is retained for 2 years. These are retained in the eSeal® IoT Bank till the time they are consumed.

  • Software
  • Annual Subscription fee
  • eSeal® Software includes a wide range of apps, SaaS portal and APIs that are offered for an annual subscription fee. eSeal® hosts and maintains the SaaS portal while keeping the software updated with latest features.

  • AIDC Infra
  • One-time Capital Expenditure
  • eSeal® offers standard off-the-shelf AIDC infra and custom-built automation systems that suit the specific requriements of production and warehouse operations. eSeal® takes care of installation, software loading, testing and maintenance of all the equipment in collaboration with its partners. eSeal® works with best-of-breed AIDC equipment providers across the world and offers industry-best SLA for support."

  • Implementation
  • As per Actuals
  • eSeal® Platform implementation includes installation and configuration of software and AIDC infra, integration with ERP systems using API, system testing and go live support. eSeal® would estimate the effort required based on the scope and duration of the project.

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